Who do i report fraud to?

Answer There are several agencies that can help in cases of fraud. Fraud involving the postal service should be reported to the United States Postal Service's fraud department. Fraud cases can also be rep... Read More »

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Do you get a free credit report when you report fraud?

If an individual is a victim of fraud, he may request an copy of his credit report free of charge at any time. The fraud victim won't automatically receive a free credit report when he reports the ... Read More »

How to Report Fraud?

Fraud is a criminal offense, perpetrated when an individual deceives others for financial or personal gain. Most national governments have an agency or a number of agencies that take on the task of... Read More »

How to Report Tax Fraud?

No one likes paying taxes, but most law-abiding taxpayers expect everyone and every business to pay their fair share. Therefore, you may feel compelled to report tax fraud of which you have persona... Read More »

How to Report Possible Tax Fraud?

Tax fraud, as defined by Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary, is "a willful act done with the intent to cheat in the assessment or payment of any tax liability." If you believe an individual or a b... Read More »