I look like crap in the morning, then I look good, then I look nasty ?

Answer just dont even think about it. know that ur beautiful

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Do you ever look in the mirror and think ohh yeahh but then look at photo and its like what the hell?

In addition to this, did u know you can take two mirrors, put them in 90 degree angles, and when you look down in the center, it shows the non reversed you. So you can see yourself if you came face... Read More »

How to Look Like a Vampire - Tips to Achieve the "Twilight" Look?

Back in the day, vampires, or the people who liked to dress up as vampires on Halloween, were mostly white paint, plastic teeth and a black cape. That changed in the '90s when vampires suddenly bec... Read More »

Does anybody know what a cute back to school makeup look would look like for a 14-15 year old?

well since you're probably going into high school or you're in middle school... i'd go for a natural look so you dont look over done - tinted moisturizer (so you dont look cakey and you have a natu... Read More »

How can I make my lips look like a swollen as5hole just like Janice Dickinson's?

Well I saw a swollen butthole on the internet porn one day. I think they used a lot of penis to make it that way. So maybe just put lots of penis on your lips. Probably suck on it lots? Or maybe a ... Read More »