Who do air force recruiters reject?

Answer While U.S. Air Force recruiters prefer having a one-on-one discussion with a potential recruit before permanently disqualifying a candidate, there are some items that generally cause a recruiter to... Read More »

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How much do job recruiters make?

According to PayScale, salaries for job recruiters vary by experience. As of March 2010, those with 1 to 4 years make $32,281 to $46,153 annually. Those with 5 to 9 years earn $39,147 to $59,458. ... Read More »

Who are the marine recruiters in Missouri?

Depends on which area you live. In Farmington Missouri there is Ssgt Lumpp and Sgt Fienhold. Try calling that office. They will tell you where to go!

Are recruiters sales people?

Yes, and many recruiters receive bonuses or commissions like sales people. Recruiters use a number of sales techniques such as "selling the strong points" of their organization or company, contract... Read More »

How to Get Military Recruiters to Leave You Alone (in the USA)?

Military recruiters will often contact citizens, most commonly in high school and college. Both in person and in other forms, this can be more than irritating, it can be contradictory to your morals.