Who discovered the constellation Sculptor?

Answer Abbe Nicholas Louis de La Caille named constellation Sculptor. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Sculptor originally had the name of the Sculptor's Workshop. According to the British Broadcasting... Read More »

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Who discovered the constellation Cancer the crab?

The constellation Cancer is one of the Zodiacs--a band of constellations along the celestial equator. The Cancer constellation is visible to the naked eye, meaning early humans who cast their eyes ... Read More »

What is a forensic sculptor?

According to the criminology website of Missouri State University, forensic sculptors work in conjunction with law-enforcement professionals and other forensic specialists " reconstruct faces,... Read More »

How Much Education Does an Ice Sculptor Need?

An ice sculptor needs to learn the skills of the craft, but does not need any specific formal education. You can learn ice-sculpting techniques from individual ice sculptors, books and videos, some... Read More »

Who was the Barbie sculptor for Mattel?

Created by Ruth Handler, the Barbie doll was designed by Jack Ryan, with an original wardrobe designed by Charlotte Johnson. Barbie was officially introduced in 1959 at the American Toy Fair in New... Read More »