Who discovered recombinant DNA technology?

Answer Recombinant DNA technology was discovered in 1973 by Herbert Boyer, a genetic engineer and biochemist at the University of California, San Francisco, and Stanley Cohen, an associate professor at St... Read More »

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When was recombinant DNA discovered?

Recombinant DNA---DNA containing information from two different species---was first produced in 1972, according to the book "Microbiology," by Jacquelyn Black, Ph.D. Generally, transfer of genes fr... Read More »

Who discovered solar technology?

The first person credited with using the sun's energy to create something was Auguste Mouchout. In 1861 he invented a steam engine that was powered by the sun's rays. His idea never caught on becau... Read More »

Uses of Recombinant DNA in Agriculture?

Recombinant DNA changes the natural genetic makeup and the characteristics of an organism by inserting DNA from another organism. Also known as genetic engineering, recombinant DNA technology is wi... Read More »

What is a recombinant gene?

A recombinant gene is a gene taken from one organism and placed in the gene sequence of another organism. Recombinant genes are used in altering seeds for crops, making vaccines and in medicines.Re... Read More »