Who discovered recombinant DNA technology?

Answer Recombinant DNA technology was discovered in 1973 by Herbert Boyer, a genetic engineer and biochemist at the University of California, San Francisco, and Stanley Cohen, an associate professor at St... Read More »

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When was recombinant DNA discovered?

Recombinant DNA---DNA containing information from two different species---was first produced in 1972, according to the book "Microbiology," by Jacquelyn Black, Ph.D. Generally, transfer of genes fr... Read More »

Who discovered solar technology?

The first person credited with using the sun's energy to create something was Auguste Mouchout. In 1861 he invented a steam engine that was powered by the sun's rays. His idea never caught on becau... Read More »

How Is Recombinant DNA Identified?

All the information needed to create an organism resides in its DNA. A base consisting of sugar, phosphate and one nitrogen base makes up DNA. There are four nitrogen bases, adenine (A), thymine (T... Read More »

What is a recombinant gene?

A recombinant gene is a gene taken from one organism and placed in the gene sequence of another organism. Recombinant genes are used in altering seeds for crops, making vaccines and in medicines.Re... Read More »