Who discovered magnetic fields?

Answer In an 1820 lecture for advanced students, Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted inadvertently produced a magnetic field by placing current through a platinum wire, moving a compass needle. This i... Read More »

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Science Projects: Magnetic Fields?

Magnets are fascinating for all ages, and have scientific applications that can be displayed in science projects. From basic demonstrations of how magnets work to to complex experiments that involv... Read More »

Can a sat nav fail / crash from magnetic fields?

Any electronic device can be affected by a magnetic field if it's strong enough

How to Calculate Magnetic Fields From Currents?

Physics students everywhere, using the right-hand rule to remind themselves of the direction of a magnetic field around a current-carrying wire, can thank French mathematician Andre-Marie Ampere fo... Read More »

Who discovered magnetic levitation?

Robert Oschenfeld and Walter Meissner first discovered that a magnet suspends itself over a superconductor, a phenomenon now known as the Messnier Effect. However, superconductivity was discovered ... Read More »