Who discovered lens magnification?

Answer The ability of glass lenses to magnify objects was first discovered by Roger Bacon in 1268. Bacon noticed that objects seen through a transparent substance shaped like a segment of a sphere, with t... Read More »

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How does mm convert to lens magnification?

With 35 mm film cameras, the 35 mm refers to the film size, not to be confused with the lens size. A 50 mm lens is usually considered the normal or neutral size, with a magnification factor of one.... Read More »

What magnification will you get from a slr telephoto lens?

It is a tiny square, and lots of them make up a picture. Please go to

Magnification of Converging Lens?

Everybody knows that nothing can move faster than the speed of light. However, the speed of light does not always stay the same. In the airless vacuum of space it moves at its fastest. In the air o... Read More »

What magnification does a 90-300 lens provide?

It probably refers to an SLR style camera which can be purchased without a Lens as the lens are interchangeable.