Who discovered horseradish?

Answer Horseradish is a commonly occurring plant. Man has been collecting and using the herbs and plants in his environment since before written record. Any ingredient that adds as much flavour to foods a... Read More »

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When were the Fiji Islands discovered& who discovered them?

The original inhabitants of the islands of Fiji came from Melanesia some 3,500 years ago. Dutch explorer Abel Janzsoon Tasman sighted the northeast islands of Fiji in 1643. British Captain James Co... Read More »

How do you can horseradish?

put in jar, close lid, throw jar in closet or cellar for a few years, One day youll find it while looking for a shoe, Now eat it, If you can remember anything past that then you did a splendid job.

How to Grow Horseradish?

Although most vegetables are annuals that grow for only a single season, horseradish is a perennial vegetable that will return year after year. Used as a condiment, the pungent root of the horserad... Read More »

How to Keep Horseradish?

Horseradish has been used for both medicinal and culinary purposes for 3,000 years, according to In ancient times, people believed horseradish provided relief from ailments such as... Read More »