Who discovered heavy hydrogen?

Answer Heavy hydrogen was discovered by an American chemist named Harold Clayton Urey. In 1934, Urey won the Nobel Prize for chemistry for this discovery. Heavy hydrogen is also known as deuterium.Source:... Read More »

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Who discovered hydrogen gas?

T. Von Hohenheim is considered to be the person who discovered hydrogen gas. His discovery was accidental, made when he was mixing acids and metals. Antoine Lavoisier named the element "hydrogen" s... Read More »

Who discovered the hydrogen element?

In 1766, Henry Cavendish identified the gas produced by the reaction between acids and metals as an element. The element was later named hydrogen by Antoine Lavoisier due to its production of water... Read More »

Who discovered hydrogen bonding?

Worth H. Rodebush and Wendell Latimer developed the concept and theory of hydrogen bonding in 1920 while working at the University of California in Berkeley. This was the first time an idea of a hy... Read More »

Who discovered the hydrogen bond?

T.S. Moore and T.F. Winmill were the first scientists to allude to the concept of hydrogen bonding, which asserts that under certain circumstances strong forces attract hydrogen to two atoms rather... Read More »