Who discovered bladder cancer?

Answer Bladder cancer has been known since ancient times; no single individual discovered it. Dr. Ludwig Rehn (1849-1930), a German physician, was the first modern Western scientist to investigate the cau... Read More »

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Is bladder cancer related to prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is a form of adenocarcinoma--a cancer that develops in glandular structures that line certain organs--that can spread to the bladder. Adenocarcinomas can also occur in the stomach, ... Read More »

Can bladder cancer be inherited?

A person is at an increased risk of developing bladder cancer if one or more of his immediate relatives have had bladder cancer or he has a family history of hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal canc... Read More »

Can a lesion on the bladder be cancer?

A lesion is an abnormal structural change in a cell or group of cells. While the potential for cancer exists, the lesion may also be benign (non-cancerous). Your doctor can test for potential cance... Read More »

Can bladder cancer occur in 15 year boy?

It is possible 0.1% occur in people under 20 years-old.