Who discovered aluminum cans?

Answer The aluminum can with pull-tab was invented in 1959 by Ermal Cleon Fraze from Dayton, Ohio. The pull-tab was a way to open the can by pulling the tab up. In 1963, it was patented and then sold to t... Read More »

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How many crushed aluminum cans makes one pound of aluminum?

About 25 to 33 crushed aluminum cans make one pound of aluminum. The exact number depends on the size and type of aluminum cans involved. For example, beer cans are lighter and thinner than soda ca... Read More »

How much can you get for aluminum cans?

Some states, such as Michigan, require a deposit on aluminum cans and refund that deposit if the cans are returned empty. Other states have scrap recycling companies, where the aluminum cans may be... Read More »

Do goats eat aluminum cans?

Contrary to popular belief, goats do not eat aluminum or tin cans. According to Gail Damerow, author of "Barnyard in Your Backyard," goats lick and nibble on many different objects to taste them, s... Read More »

How to Collect Aluminum Cans?

Trying to collect some aluminum cans? Read on.