Who discovered Aquamarine?

Answer In the movie "Aquamarine," a 13-year-old girl named Claire falls into a Florida pool the day after a big storm. There, she discovers Aquamarine, a mermaid who was washed ashore overnight.Source:Rog... Read More »

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What is'aquamarine'about?

Aquamarine is a 2006 feature film following the adventures of two teenage girls threatened with impending separation as they befriend the titular sometimes-mermaid heroine on a quest to find and un... Read More »

Where can the gem aquamarine be found?

The gemstone aquamarine can be found and mined throughout North America, South America, India, Russia, Madagascar and Africa. The blue-green color of the stone comes from small traces of iron found... Read More »

How do I know the quality of an aquamarine?

ColorCheck the color. While preferences on shades of blue will vary, the darker or brighter blue a stone is, the more rare and therefore more valuable. Aquamarines that have hardly any hint of bl... Read More »

How many sides does aquamarine have?

Aquamarine is a crystal gem stone often used in jewelery. The number of sides that any particular stone has is dependent upon how the gem is cut. Natural aquamarine forms underground in roundish ... Read More »