Suppose a plane crashed, and all the 420 who were on board died except 39. How many died Don't use calculator?

Answer Is this supposed to be one of those trick questions? If so, I think you did it wrong.

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Does anyone know for sure now, because on wikipedia it says he died. Do you know if Billy Idol died or not?

My Donut Died..................?

Bury in the hole. Lucky it wasn't the music.

Is the stig died?

no, it was all a fake. They got the stig out the car as they had divers in the water

Did bob barker died?

No, he hasn't died. Good ole' Bob Barker (born December 12, 1923) hasn't died yet! His last appearance on The Price is Right (after his retirement in 2007) was to promote his autobiography, "Pricel... Read More »