Did Marines fight in World War 1?

Answer The 5th and 6th Marine Regiments and the 6th Machine Gun Battalion became the 4th Marine Brigade with a troop strength of 9,444 men. They were combined with the 2nd Engineer Regiment (US Army) and ... Read More »

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Did the Marines fight in World War 1?

Yes, the Fifth and Sixth Marine Regiments and the Sixth Machine Battalion were a part of the US Army's Second Marine Division which was twice commanded by Marine Corps Officers. See the Battle of B... Read More »

Where did the US army fight in World War 1?

Mostly in France but a very small cotingent fought in Russia.

By what mean did the us gov including the CIA fight the cold war around the world?

America's foreign policy is wrong. America's intervention in the internal affairs of all countries. Wayne has a high cost to America. America needs to spend money for the people of America.

What made British soldiers volunteer to fight in World War I?

The British government began to encourage what became known as Pals Battalions in August 1914. Men who lived on the same streets, in like villages and worked together could enlist and serve in batt... Read More »