What is this song. I think this is the chosus- hey let's forget the week that's been because weve been waiting weve been waiting?

Answer The song is called New Skin and its by Mission in Motion. I think that's what you are looking for, hope I helped.Bianca

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Can you correct a hunch back that has just begun to develop?

The sooner you see a chiropractor the better, and follow it up with a sports/stretching program.

CAN YOU TELL ME SURVEY:: Where you are from with only a song or song for me see link...♥?

Most of the songs with where Im from in the title are country songs. Except for this lil gem right here:…

Is Mother's Day only for your mom or is it for all moms for example do you need to give your sister who's a mom a card and or present or just attend to your mom only?

It depends. Some people consider Mother's day to be strictly for their own mother, while others view it as a day of celebration for all mothers. Everyone interprets it differently. However, tradit... Read More »

Is it just me...(Ladies only!)?

You do seem young, talk to your mom and give yourself time. If this effects your ability to have a relationship, then yes see a therapist.Sex isn't everything, but it sounds like you weren't reall... Read More »