Who did Ray Fielding play in The Mighty Boosh episode Party?

Answer Ray Fielding, Noel and Mike Fielding's father, plays Chris De Burgh in "Party". He played Chris De Burgh in series two's "The Priest And The Beast" as well. When Noel and Mike were younger, they wo... Read More »

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Where can you buy the Kiss jacket which Noel Fielding is wearing during the mighty boosh live DVD?

I would love this jacket so much.But I Think he designed it himself I'm afraid.Noel designs most of his clothes, and either helps make them or gets someone else to make them.I think that's what hap... Read More »

What is the song parodied by dixon bainbridge in the mighty boosh episode arctic from series one?

Is the mighty boosh available in the US?

The entire series of The Mighty Boosh is now available in the US. The DVDS hit America around July 2009.

Did the mighty boosh end?

Noel promised the fans a boosh cd and maybe a boosh film. So it didn't really end.