When was the 1st football game played?

Answer The first football game was played on November 6, 1869 between two colleges, Rutgers and Princeton. American football evolved from different sports, and this first matchup very much resembled a Eur... Read More »

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When was the first football game played?

Rutgers and Princeton played the first collegiate football game in 1869, with the Scarlet Knights winning. The Allegheny Athletic Association and the Pittsburgh Athletic Club played the first profe... Read More »

When was the first game of football played?

The first game of football played was a college match between Rutgers and Princeton that used modified rules from the London Football Association. The game was played by the teams on November 9, 18... Read More »

When was the first football game played on Thanksgiving?

Professional football games played on Thanksgiving Day have been a tradition for many years. The first Thanksgiving football game is considered the match played between the Detroit Lions and Chicag... Read More »

When was the first college football game played?

The first college football game played under rules most similar to modern football took place on June 4, 1875, between Harvard and Tufts University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Earlier football gam... Read More »