Does Barney from Simpsons fancy Homer?

Answer Watch episode 3G04 "Simpson Tide" series three.If you have the box set it's the second disc second last episode.If your to lazy to do that then I'll tell you.Homer is watching Television when a adv... Read More »

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In the simpsons game homer has to stand on a presure pad pad what do you do next?

What is the name of homer simpson's boss in the 1989 tv series"the simpsons"?

Homer Simpson's boss is the evil Charles Montgomery Burns, better known to everyone as Mr. Burns. Among his many other local, money-making endeavors, he is the head of the Springfield Nuclear Power... Read More »

What was the name of the Simpsons episode where Homer meets Marge at a camp?

What is Apu's last name on 'The Simpsons?