Who developed the phonograph?

Answer The first phonograph was developed by Thomas Edison in 1877 while the inventor was also working on developing a telephone transmitter; it was constructed by machinist John Kruesi that same year.Sou... Read More »

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How Was the Phonograph Made?

Although originally conceived by Thomas Edison as a tool to aid with office dictation or recording telephone calls, the phonograph eventually led to the multi-billion dollar recording industry. Man... Read More »

The Significance of the Phonograph?

The phonograph is a device that was primarily used in the late 19th and 20th centuries for sound recording. While revolutionary at the time, it is currently considered outdated, though is often mar... Read More »

Who invented the phonograph in 1877?

On August 12, 1877, Thomas Alva Edison completed the model for the first phonograph. Experimenting with a stylus on a tinfoil cylinder, Edison spoke the words "Mary had a little lamb" into the mach... Read More »

Where was the phonograph invented?

According to The Library of Congress website, the phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison and built by his engineer, John Kruesi, in 1877. The National Parks Service reports the phonograph was the... Read More »