Who developed the first periodic table?

Answer Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian chemist, created the modern periodic table in 1869. He arranged the 63 elements known at the time by their atomic weights, creating groups of elements with similar prope... Read More »

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Who developed the modern periodic table?

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev invented the modern periodic table on March 6, 1869. The table organizes molecules into atomic weight and valence. While there were gaps in Mendeleev's periodic table and... Read More »

Which scientist developed the periodic table?

The periodic table of the elements was devised by a Russian scientist, Dmitri Mendeleev, and published in 1869. His periodic table contained only 65 elements, as this was the number of elements kn... Read More »

What is Ce on the periodic table?

Ce stands for cerium on the periodic table and has the atomic number 58. Cerium is an abundant earth metal and is one of the most reactive metals. It is silvery white and can polish glass surfaces.... Read More »

What is Rb on the periodic table?

On the periodic table, Rb stands for Rubidium. Rubidium's atomic number is 37, putting it in the alkaline metals groups. Rubidium is a silverish, soft metal that ignites when it comes in contact wi... Read More »