Who developed the Salk vaccine for polio in 1952?

Answer According to the Public Broadcasting Service, Dr. Jonas Salk produced the vaccine in 1952. Nationwide testing for the vaccine began in April 1954 before it was released to the general public in 195... Read More »

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When did Jonas Salk invent the polio vaccine?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Jonas Salk licensed the polio vaccine on April 12, 1955, after 17 years of research at the University of Pittsburgh. The research was fun... Read More »

How long did it take Salk Jones to get the polio vaccine right?

What year did jonas salk invent a vaccine for polio?

Jonas Salk began testing the polio vaccine in 1952, and the vaccine was declared safe for use on Apr. 12, 1955. The vaccine helped decrease the number of polio cases in the United States by about 9... Read More »

Who developed the polio vaccine?