Who developed the QWERTY design?

Answer Christopher Sholes invented the QWERTY layout, according to the Notable Names Database. Sholes created this design because using alphabetical order meant some frequently used letters were next to e... Read More »

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Who developed the QWERTY keyboard?

The inventor of the typewriter, Christopher Latham Sholes, developed the QWERTY keyboard layout in 1875. Sholes rearranged the alphabetical layout on the manual typewriter so the keys would not jam... Read More »

Who created qwerty?

The QWERTY keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes in Wisconsin in 1874. The keyboard was originally designed to slow typists down to prevent keyboards from jamming. Sholes earned a pate... Read More »

What is the name for the ^ on a QWERTY keyboard?

The ^ symbol on a QWERTY keyboard indicates where a word or phrase should be inserted onto a page. This writer's and proofreader's mark is officially known as a caret, but is also commonly referred... Read More »

What does"QWERTY"stand for?

QWERTY refers to the first five letters found on the top left row of standard typewriters and computer keyboards. Christopher Latham Sholes, who patented the typewriter, determined the arrangement ... Read More »