Who developed the Mayfair Regent hotel into condominiums in Chicago?

Answer Your local hall of public records can answer that question. Look for changes in ownership to the land, based on the address of the hotel.

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Where can you find a old hotel developed into condominiums?

Your best option will be to explore historic downtown sections of major cities. Usually a historic building or an old hotel that has been so converted will advertise the building's original use.

Will your single family home neighborhood value decrease next to newly developed condominiums?

The future is hard to predict, even for the experts. Here are a few ideas you can pursue in order to more fully understand your situation relative to the 'market'. Your first task is to understand... Read More »

How can I find condominiums for sale in Chicago?

Condominiums that are for sale will be advertised.As well, you could engage a real estate professional who can help you find the condominium you want to buy in the Chicago area.

How does one find chicago condominiums online?

One of the most useful means for finding Chicago condomiums in Chicago or elsewhere, is to consult an interstate realtor. Turn to your handy yellow pages for leads to your local interstate realtor.