Who developed the Hemi engine?

Answer The mechanical science used in the Hemi engine was created by a Belgian car manufacturer called Pipe in 1905. Since then, a number of different automotive manufacturers such as Chrysler have conti... Read More »

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Who created the hemi engine?

Mel Carpentier and W.E. Drinkard were instrumental in designing the HEMI engine for Chrysler. This was done in 1951 when Carpentier was assistant to Drinkard, who was in charge of the engine develo... Read More »

Who invented the hemi engine?

Hemispherical engines were first installed by the Belgian carmaker Pipe in the 1912 Peugeot Grand Prix. The term "hemi," though, was marketed by Chrysler in the 1950s and W... Read More »

What is a hemi engine?

For most enthusiasts, the legendary "hemi" moniker brings to mind images of classic Chryslers and Top Fuel dragsters. However, this combustion chamber design is more prevalent than you might think.... Read More »

How to Change Plugs on a 6.1 HEMI Engine?

You can start a fire without a spark; your Hemi 6.1-liter engine relies on its spark plugs to ignite the fuel and air mixture in its cylinders to drive the pistons downward. Inoperable or old spark... Read More »