Who developed computer drawing software in 1963?

Answer According to the Florida Institute of Technology, Ivan Sutherland presented his Sketchpad software in 1963 at the Summer Joint Computer Conference. This program allowed the use of a light pen for ... Read More »

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What is drawing software?

Drawing software refers to computer programs that allow users to create drawings on a computer. This can be done interactively with the use of a graphics tablet and is popular in animation.Graphics... Read More »

Types of Drawing Software?

Drawing software comes in several forms. Each type of software is designed to suit a certain set of related functions, such as photo manipulation or graphic design. While it is sometimes possible t... Read More »

What is the definition of drawing software?

When you're creating artwork on a computer, there are two types of software you can use. These are commonly referred to as "drawing" programs and "painting" programs. It is easiest to define drawin... Read More »

Who developed Edi CargoWise software?

The CargoWise Company produces the Edi enterprise software, which is used for supply change management and created for logistics service providers all over the world. This software helps companies ... Read More »