Who developed Bluetooth?

Answer Bluetooth was developed by the Swedish telecom giant Ericsson. It is a short-range wireless technology that connects personal electronic devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops and aud... Read More »

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Who developed Bluetooth wireless technology?

Engineers working for the Swedish telecommunications giant, Ericsson, first developed the wireless technology. Japp Haartsen and Sven Mattisson, in particular, were responsible. A special interest ... Read More »

Can a printer with a USB port gain Bluetooth capability by using a Bluetooth adapter?

Printers with USB ports can gain Bluetooth capability if you plug a Bluetooth adapter into them. This allows you to wirelessly connect your computer and printer. Make sure to use a Bluetooth USB ad... Read More »

Configure laptop to access I-net via a bluetooth adapter and my I-net enabled bluetooth c-phone?

sorry that your stuck,i would love to help but i don't know anything abouut this little problem of yours.all i can say is that you should go to a tech place and ask then about this little problem o... Read More »

How do you set up bluetooth for BMW 316i 2002 plate the bluetooth button is on stering wheel butstill not working?

Yes it is now possible to unlock all versions of iPhone 3G and 3GS