Who developed ActiveX?

Answer Microsoft developed ActiveX as a set of tools for software and Web development. ActiveX grew out of Microsoft technology known as Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) and Component Object Model (COM)... Read More »

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Who developed the ActiveX tool?

ActiveX is a set of programming tools created by Microsoft to allow different applications on its Windows operating system to share information. It is based on two older Microsoft technologies: Com... Read More »

What is an Activex DLL?

A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is a special type of file in Windows that allows a program to use features that are part of another program, such as Microsoft's ActiveX. ActiveX itself is a framework ... Read More »

How Do I Allow ActiveX?

Allow Active X ControlsAllow ActiveX controls by changing the security settings in Internet Explorer. ActiveX controls are used by Internet Explorer to view multimedia files from Web pages. To enab... Read More »

What is ActiveX used for?

ActiveX adds functionality to a variety of Microsoft applications and software. ActiveX controls allow programming components to be used for a variety of different program "containers" (such as so... Read More »