Who determines how many justices serve on the Supreme Court?

Answer The U.S. Constitution establishes that the U.S. Supreme Court must have a chief justice and as many associate justices as Congress decides. Currently there are eight associate justices. In the past... Read More »

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How many justices serve in the Supreme Court?

The U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., consists of nine justices who are appointed by the president of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.Source:Ed Helper: The Supreme Court

How many Justices serve on the New York Supreme Court?

There are 57 justices that serve in the New York Supreme Court system. Unlike most other states, in New York, the Supreme Courts are actually the trial level courts; the highest court is referred t... Read More »

How long of a term may U.S. Supreme Court Justices serve?

A U.S. Supreme Court Justice is appointed to the position for life. A Justice can serve for as long as he wants until he resigns, retires or dies. A Justice can retire at age 70 if she has served 1... Read More »

How many Supreme Court Chief Justices have there been in the history of the Supreme Court?

Seventeen men have served as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. The first was John Jay, appointed in 1789. The current Chief Justice is John G. Roberts, Jr. appointed in 2005.Referen... Read More »