Who designs curriculum for the public schools?

Answer Public school curricula across the United States are as varied as the geography of the nation. Most public school curriculum choices are made at the state level and based on a state course of study... Read More »

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Art Curriculum for Public High Schools?

An art curriculum in a public high school is an aggregated group of courses covering various aspects of the fine arts. The curriculum is set by independent school districts ruled by locally elected... Read More »

Curriculum Used in Arizona Public High Schools?

The Arizona Department of Education has instituted a Common Core State Standards Initiative to be applied to all public school curriculum. The initiative is designed to establish a set of best prac... Read More »

The Good of Teaching Religious Curriculum in Public Schools?

The U.S. National Council for the Social Studies recommends teaching about religion in social studies classes to promote cultural understanding. David Barton published statistics implying that a re... Read More »

Is religion taught as a lesson in america's public schools curriculum?

Some U.S. public schools incorporate the study of religion as part of a social studies curriculum. A comparative study of religion—not religious indoctrination—helps to broaden students' unders... Read More »