Who designed the first speed camera?

Answer Dutch rally driver Maurice Gatsonides invented the first speed camera in the late 1950s to help improve his performance in races. Gatsonides' speed camera, which continues to be used by municipalit... Read More »

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Whenwas the camera first designed?

Who invented the first speed camera?

The first speed camera was invented by rally driver Maurice Gatsonides who won the famous Monte Carlo rally in 1953. He originally invented the device to help increase his speed on difficult rally ... Read More »

Who made the first speed camera?

Maurice Gatsonides, a famous rally driver who won the Monte Carlo rally in 1953, made the first speed camera under his Dutch company, Gatsometer BV. As the inventor of the first automated road-rule... Read More »

What is your first thought when you see a vandalised Speed Camera?

Last time I saw a vandalised camera I laughed so hard I nearly bought a round.