Who designed the VW Beetle?

Answer The Volkswagen Beetle was designed by the Porsche company in Nazi Germany in the mid-1930s at the request of Adolf Hitler, who wanted a car the average German citizen could afford. Porsche's chief ... Read More »

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Where do I have to look to find out the deference between beetle of super beetle?

There are several ways to tell however the easiest way to tell is how the spare tire is mounted. Regular Beetle = Spare Tire stands Upright.Super Beetle = Spare tire lays flat.This method seems to ... Read More »

How many time do you have to say beetle juice in the film beetle juice for him to appear?

Three more times than you did the last time you saw the movie and ran out of breath trying to yell out his name.

Who designed the pea coat?

In the 18th century, a Dutch farmer designed the first pea coat for his son who was going off to the navy. The recruit's coat was admired by a petty officer and a supply of coats was ordered. The ... Read More »

Who designed the pyramids?

A man named Imhotep has been credited for designing the world's first pyramid (Djoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara). Considered to be the world's first architect and the chief minister (vizier) to kin... Read More »