Who designed the Saturn V rocket?

Answer The Saturn V rocket was designed by Dr. Wernher von Braun of Germany. Dr. von Braun was a member of the SS and arranged for 500 of his fellow scientists to surrender and work to develop missiles fo... Read More »

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What are spacecrafts designed to take off with rocket assistance and then land like airplanes called?

When was the Saturn V rocket used?

The Saturn V was the largest in a family of liquid-propelled rockets and was the first rocket ever to deliver the human crew of Apollo 11 to the surface of the moon in July 1969.Source:National Air... Read More »

When was the Saturn V rocket used& for how long?

According to the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian, the Saturn V rocket was used for five and a half years. NASA first launched the Saturn V on November 9, 1967. It launched the Satu... Read More »

Who invented the V Saturn Rocket?

The Saturn 5 rocket was invented by N.A.S.A.