Who designed the Rebel Flag?

Answer General P.G.T. Beauregard and Congressman William P. Miles designed the Confederate battle flag. This flag, often referred to as the "Rebel Flag" or the "Southern Cross," never represented the Conf... Read More »

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Who designed the national flag?

Betsy Ross first developed the 13-star flag in 1776; however the modern flag we fly today originated after President Taft ordered to set the exact proportions of the official flag in 1912. The fla... Read More »

Who designed the texas flag?

The Lone Star Flag, which currently serves as the state flag of Texas, was first proposed in legislation submitted by state Senator William H. Wharton in 1838. Its design was the product of a legi... Read More »

Who designed the Confederate flag?

The Confederate flag, also known as the Confederate battle flag, was designed by P.G.T. Beauregard and Joseph Johnston. This design was actually the second utilized by the Confederate army during t... Read More »

Who designed the flag of Pakistan?

Pakistan's flag has a white band on the left side and a green background on the remainder. A white crescent moon with a star, which is a symbol of Islam, sits on the greed background. The flag was ... Read More »