Who designed the 1964 Ford Mustang?

Answer Joe Oros was the chief designer for the 1964 Mustang. He created the initial clay model for the now infamous 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang. Ford sold 126,538 Mustangs during the abbreviated 1964 year of pr... Read More »

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1964 Ford Mustang Colors?

The Ford Mustang first came in mid-year 1964, so technically its year designation is a 1964-1/2. The "gorgeously sleek" design was first viewed by the public in April 1964 and was an immediate hit.... Read More »

Who designed the first Ford Mustang?

The first Ford Mustang was designed under the supervision of Donald N. Frey, the head engineer and supervisor on the Mustang project.Source:Ford Mustang History

Who designed the ford mustang?

Two gentlemen, Phil Clark and John Najjar, were the individuals responsible for designing the Mustang for the Ford Motor Company. The Mustang made its public debut at New York's World Fair on April... Read More »

1964 Mustang Specs?

The 1964 Mustang, often called the 1964 1/2 since it was released late in the year, was the first of what became an enduring line of muscle cars under that name. The first Mustang rolled out of the... Read More »