Who delivers legal papers?

Answer The legal industry is awash with documents. Those exchanged between professionals such as lawyers and the courts can use traditional methods of delivery. However, those going to individuals involve... Read More »

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How to Serve Someone With Legal Papers?

Serving someone with legal papers, known as service of process, needs to be accomplished in a variety of civil cases. Anytime you sue someone, you must serve them with a copy of the complaint (some... Read More »

Who serves legal papers?

In most states, service of legal papers can only be done by certified mail, a civil sheriff or constable or by a licensed private process server. Some states, however, still allow a disinterested p... Read More »

Are legal separation papers necessary?

On One Hand: Getting a Legal SeparationA married couple can separate without filing legal papers. Their separation can be a trial separation in which the couple tries to resolve disagreements or ma... Read More »

How is a person served legal papers?

Legal documents are generally related to pending court cases, and include summonses, writs, subpoenas and complaints. Legal papers must be served in a specific way for a case to move forward.Functi... Read More »