Why did the Incas use small arrowheads?

Answer Inca arrowheads have been found in archeological sites throughout Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile. The small size of these arrowheads was largely a result of available technologies and the traditi... Read More »

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When did the Incas build the pyramids?

The Incas, native of what is now Peru, built their pyramids over a long stretch of time. Some of the earliest pyramids date back to 200 BC, while some others were built in the 16th century. These p... Read More »

The Cultures of the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs?

Many civilizations lived in Central and South America beginning around 300 A.D. The ancient Mayan civilization, for example, lived in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and Central America, whereas th... Read More »

How to Compare the Cultures of the Aztecs & the Incas?

The Aztecs and the Incas are both ancient civilizations that you might study in a history course in school. These civilizations are both from around the early sixteenth century and both eventually... Read More »

Who defeated the Persians?

The armies of Alexander the Great defeated the Persian Empire around 330 B.C. and conquered every province in Mesopotamia. One of the Persian generals murdered his emperor, Darius III, as the empir... Read More »