Who creates all these internet virus's?

Answer If you don't see that they are an attack on us, you're underestimating the harm they really do to businesses around the world.A study by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT... Read More »

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Can used monitors have viruss on them?

No. Don't have to worry since data isn't stored permanently. But don't buy a monitor without seeing it plugged in first so you can see if all the pixels can be lit.Check for coffee/drink/water stai... Read More »

Who creates universe?

There are two answer to this question. Either God (In seven Days) Or The Big Bang theory.It really depends of people views and opinions on thematter. Some may say God, some may say the Big Bang the... Read More »

Who creates the UPC codes?

Every company that needs to use UPC barcodes must become a member of Partner Connections of the GS1US System, which is the standards organization that generates a globally unique seven to 11 digit ... Read More »

Who creates VIZIO TVs?

VIZIO televisions are manufactured by VIZIO, Inc. The Irvine, California-based company was established in 2002 as V, Inc., which served as a consulting service to Gateway. The company branched into... Read More »