Who created wikipedia and when?

Answer Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales, is an American Internet entrepreneur best known for his role in founding Wikipedia, as well as other wiki-related projects, including the charitable organization Wikimedi... Read More »

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Who created wikipedia?

The website Wikipedia was founded by three men: Ben Kovitz, Larry Sanger and Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales. It was in January 2001 that Kovitz originally suggested the idea of using existing wiki editing tec... Read More »

Do you ever wonder if Wikipedia was created by a secret government for aliens?

How I Can Own Page Created on Wikipedia, Transferred to Facebook?

Wikipedia doesn't transfer pages to Facebook, Facebook imports them from Wikipedia. I don't think you can change the Facebook entry (though you can change the Wikipedia one, and Facebook will proba... Read More »

Wikipedia: Looking for an American band created by DJ Matt Fanale?

There you go… Hope this is the one your looking for.