Who created topographical maps?

Answer Since mapmaking is an ancient art, it is impossible to know who created the first topographical map. However, according to the Library of Congress, the first multisheet, topographic map series of a... Read More »

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How to Assemble Topographical Maps?

A topographic map represents natural and manmade features that scale horizontal distances and vertical elevations. These maps determine the elevations of landforms and changes in elevation between ... Read More »

How to Make Topographical Maps of a Volcano?

Making a topographical map of a region is difficult and challenging work. You are trying to present a three-dimensional representation of the layout of land on a two-dimensional surface. However, h... Read More »

How to Identify Lake Structures on Topographical Maps?

Topographic maps are invaluable aids to locating and understanding local terrain and important geographical structures like lakes, rivers, mountains and valleys. Contour lines help determine the sh... Read More »

How maps are created in Google?

Low detail images are taken with satellites, high rez photos are taken with aeroplanes, hot air balloons, model aeroplanes, even kites in some areas. The street view was created with cars driving a... Read More »