Who created the wav file?

Answer Microsoft and IBM create the WAV file format and release it in 1991. It is included as a component of the Windows and OS/2 operating systems to store digital audio data.Source:Microsoft/IBM: Multim... Read More »

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How do I change file created date?

Click the "Start" button and then select "Programs," and then "Accessories." Choose the icon labeled "Windows Explorer." Choose the file of which you want to change the file created date. Right-cli... Read More »

What is the application specific filename extension of a file created in Access?

The application-specific file name extension of a file created in Microsoft Access is .mdb, which is the acronym for master data base. Whenever creating a database in Access, the .mdb extension rep... Read More »

How can we print a print file created in MS word directly from command prompt with a printer connected to usb.?

You can "share' your own (or any) printer, and map it to LPT1 via NET USE. net use lpt1 \\yourpc\sharename /persistent:yes If you still want to print from MS Word via the command prompt, seems that... Read More »

Why does both Being Human and Skins have American remakes created by the same people who created the original series'?

"Stopover in a Quiet Town" , starring Barry Nelson and Nancy Malone , an episode of the Twilight Zone from the 5th Season (Episode # 150) .