Who created the trojan horse virus?

Answer The first known computer virus to operate as a trojan horse virus was Animal, created by computer programmer John Walker. According to Walker's own account, Animal was not created with malicious in... Read More »

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What does a Trojan horse virus do?

It shoots a bunch of trojan condoms out of your computer.

I have some Trojan Horse Virus on my pc how do i get rid of them once and for all.?

Who invented the Trojan horse virus?

The experimental program Animal is considered to be the first Trojan horse virus to be able to spread itself, undetected by the computer user, although it was designed specifically not to destroy f... Read More »

What is a computer virus and a trojan horse?

Computer viruses are programs that infect software and files on a computer. How this happens and what the results are depend greatly on the type of virus and the specific code within that virus. Vi... Read More »