Who created the teddy bear?

Answer Morris Michtom, a gift shop owner from Brooklyn, New York, is credited with inventing the teddy bear in November 1902. After seeing a carton depicting the President sparing the life of a bear cub ... Read More »

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How to Accessorize a Teddy Bear at Build A Bear Workshop?

Little teddy bearsDoes your teddy bear look boring and dull without any nice accessories and clothes? These simple steps will show you how to get a nice looking teddy bear.

My teddy bear has the flu?

First, before treating him, you need to wear a mask. Teddy bear flus are highly contagious. Then you need to make sure he's getting plenty of fluids. Dehydration is the leading cause of teddy bear ... Read More »

How to Clean a Teddy Bear?

Every once in a while, your Teddy Bear or similar fluffy toy is sure to pick up some dirt. To find out how to clean it, read on.

How can I wash a teddy bear?

Depends what the filling is. If it says machine washable put it in a pillow case. If it's not machine washable you could rub talc into it. This was suggested to me recently by the doll & teddybear ... Read More »