Who created the kyoto protocol?

Answer Many people interested in addressing the production of greenhouse gases, including government representatives, lobbyists and climatologists, met in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997. Through 10 days of deliber... Read More »

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Who signed the Kyoto Protocol?

The Kyoto Protocol was adopted by the United Nations on December 11, 1997. It was signed by 84 countries that had agreed to the protocol to limit green house gas emissions. Since then, 190 countrie... Read More »

How many countries support the Kyoto Protocol?

As of July 2010, 188 countries have signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol to tackle the effects of global warming. The main supporting countries include China, India, Russia and Brazil. The United... Read More »

How many nations signed the Kyoto Protocol?

The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement became effective Feb. 16, 2005. As of 2010, 190 nations and one regional economic integration orga... Read More »

Who created Internet protocol?

Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf designed transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP), the protocol for communication on the Internet, publishing their documentation of the new standard in ... Read More »