Who created the inclined plane?

Answer The first person to use an inclined plane is unknown but evidence from human history reveals that inclined planes or ramps were used by many civilizations to move heavy objects. The Egyptians const... Read More »

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Is a plane rack an inclined plane?

A plane rack refers to a rack used to store one or more model planes and is a term used by hobbyists who build or fly model planes. It is distinct from an inclined plane, which is a mathematical te... Read More »

When was the inclined plane invented?

An inclined plane or ramp aids people as well as animals to reach a higher point. This method became second nature to humans and began at the dawn of civilization. In 2500 B.C.E., the Egyptians bui... Read More »

When was the inclined plane discovered?

According to, the inclined plane was first discovered by Archimedes in the second century B.C. It is thought that early simple machines, such as inclined planes, were used to help rais... Read More »

What is another four-letter name for an inclined plane?

An inclined plane is what is known as one of the six simple machines. It is characterized by having one point that is higher the other, or a sloping surface. Among the four-lettered words that are ... Read More »