Who created the hurry up font?

Answer Ray Larabie authored the Hurry Up font, which he described as "1960s cartoon lettering with a clean lino-cut look." It is available in both Windows and TrueType versions and can be downloaded from ... Read More »

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Who created the font Curlz MT?

Curlz monotype (MT) is a whimsical serif typeface that was created for the Agfa Monotype corporation in 1995 by two typeface designers named Carl Crossgrove and Steve Matteson. Curlz MT is typicall... Read More »

Who created the MV Boli font?

The MV Boli font was created by Thomas Rickner and Kamal Mansour. It is written from right to left, and debuted with Microsoft's Windows XP operating system to work with the Thaana font. The Thaana... Read More »

Who created the Wingdings font?

The set of fonts known as Wingdings were first created in 1990-1991 by Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow. The fonts, originally called Lucida Icons, Arrows and Stars, were licensed to Microsoft in 1... Read More »

Who created the American Typewriter font?

Font designers Joel Kaden and Tony Stan designed the American Typewriter font in 1974 for the International Typeface Corporation. The pair based their font design on a traditional typewriter style.... Read More »