Who created the hourglass?

Answer Because of the ancient timing of its inception, it is not known who is responsible for inventing the hourglass. However, initial use of the hourglass as a timepiece was definitively established in ... Read More »

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Water hourglass no oil?

i answered your other q from my other account, and you asked for a link. This is what I was originally talking about…Im apparently just stupid and never r... Read More »

How to Draw an Hourglass?

A simple guide to drawing an hourglass.

How to Get an Hourglass Shape?

The most sought after women's figure is the hourglass shape. Some women are born with it, and others have to work for it. If you belong to the latter category and are looking to add some curves to ... Read More »

Who invented the hourglass?

The precise inventor of the sand-filled hourglass is unknown, but it has been a commonly used device through ancient and even modern history.In ancient Egypt, Prince Amenemhet built his father King... Read More »