Who created the grapefruit diet?

Answer No one has ever claimed responsibility for inventing the diet. The theory is that grapefruits contain a special enzyme that burns fat. Along with eating one grapefruit during each meal, individuals... Read More »

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Who developed the Grapefruit diet?

To this day, nobody knows who developed it. It was originally developed in the 1930s in Hollywood, California. Dr Ken Fujioka did conduct studies on the diet in 2004

When was the Maker's Diet created?

Jordan Rubin created the Maker's Diet in 1996. He fought a two-year battle with Crohn's disease and other physical ailments and then quit seeing doctors and using supplements. Rubin changed his die... Read More »

Who created the Weight Watchers diet?

Jean Nidetch conceptualized Weight Watchers® in the 1960s. The principles behind its Momentumâ„¢ program, which utilizes the popular POINTSâ„¢ system, are currently upheld and developed by an advi... Read More »

Who created the jenny craig diet?

Jenny and Sid Craig founded Jenny Craig Inc. in 1983 in Australia. According to Funding Universe, the Craigs had previously operated a weight-loss center known as Body Contour. Jenny Craig became i... Read More »