Who created the gateway computer?

Answer Partners Ted Waitt and Mike Hammond created the Gateway computer, originally under the brand name Gateway 2000, in a Sioux City, Iowa, farmhouse. Waitt was a college dropout. They incorporated the ... Read More »

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How to Unlock a Gateway Computer?

Getting locked out of your Gateway computer can be frustrating, especially when you have school or work deadlines. You can get locked out of your Gateway computer in cases where a password-protecte... Read More »

Who invented the gateway computer?

According to its website, Gateway was founded by Ted Waitt in 1985 inside an Iowa farmhouse. The computer's cow-spotted boxes acknowledge these origins. Taiwan-based Acer Inc. bought the company in... Read More »

Who made the Gateway computer?

Gateway computers used to be made by Gateway 2000, a company that began in Iowa before moving to Sioux City and then San Diego and finally, Irvine. Acer Inc, a Taiwan company, acquired Gateway in O... Read More »

How to Obtain the Gateway on My Computer?

A computer's gateway is the address responsible for connecting it to a physical device or another computer. On a local network, the gateway on your computer is often the address of your router. If ... Read More »