Who created the gateway computer?

Answer Partners Ted Waitt and Mike Hammond created the Gateway computer, originally under the brand name Gateway 2000, in a Sioux City, Iowa, farmhouse. Waitt was a college dropout. They incorporated the ... Read More »

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Which computer is best: gateway or dell?

On One Hand: Price and DurabilitySome Consumer Reports tests have found that customized Dell computers tend to be slightly cheaper than their Gateway counterparts, but this can vary depending on th... Read More »

Who made the Gateway computer?

Gateway computers used to be made by Gateway 2000, a company that began in Iowa before moving to Sioux City and then San Diego and finally, Irvine. Acer Inc, a Taiwan company, acquired Gateway in O... Read More »

How to Upgrade an Old Gateway Computer?

Performing a system upgrade to your old Gateway computer is a good alternative to shelling out the additional money to purchase a new model. This will enable you to extend the useful life of your o... Read More »

Can someone rate this computer - Gateway?

it seems to be a great laptop, however, you will be able to run roblox quite well, gta IV will be really laggy, and gta V will be so lay you wont be able to see anything, i recommend a pc for gta