Who created the flour sifter?

Answer The flour sifter was invented by Joseph Baker, for which he took out a U.S. patent in 1871 and a Canadian patent in 1870. Baker developed the flour sifter in his Trenton, Canada workshop.Source:BPH... Read More »

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What is a flour sifter?

A flour sifter is a cooking tool that helps aerate flour, giving it more volume. Sifted flour helps create an even texture in baked goods and is commonly called for in recipes.Source:Williams-Sonom... Read More »

Who invented the flour sifter?

The flour sifter was invented by Patricia J. Spencer, Carrie P. DeRoeck and Robert L. DeRoeck. The patent for the flour sifter was issued on June 2, 1981 and is listed under US Patent 4271011.Sourc... Read More »

Flour Sifter Uses?

The flour sifter is a common and simple kitchen utensil, yet one that is often underutilized. Oftentimes the reason the flour sifter is ignored is because even many experienced bakers are unaware o... Read More »

How to Sift Flour Without a Sifter?

Many recipes call for sifted flour, but what if you don't have a flour sifter around? Sifting serves multiple purposes (aerating the flour particles so they absorb liquid more evenly, standardizing... Read More »