Who created the first microprocessor?

Answer The first microprocessor was created in 1971 by Intel. Ted Hoff, a scientist at Intel, designed the chip and passed the designs on to Frederico Faggin, the engineer who built the first microprocess... Read More »

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Who manufactured the first microprocessor?

The world's first microprocessor was created by Intel in 1971. It was called the 4004. Although it was not the first microprocessor to be designed (that title goes to the MOS-LSI, designed for F-14... Read More »

Who made the first microprocessor?

The claim to the first microprocessor remains in a gray area, according to IBM. Central Air Data Computer created a "chip set" for fighter jets in 1970, but not for use as a central processing unit... Read More »

What was the first microprocessor?

The Intel 4004 was the world's first microprocessor. Frederico Faggin designed the Intel 4004. However, Intel accredited this microprocessor invention to Ted Hoff after Faggin left Intel to start h... Read More »

Who invented the first microprocessor and when?

Working as a researcher for Intel, Dr. Marcian Edward "Ted" Hoff Jr. invented the first microprocessor in 1969. That first microprocessor became known as the Intel 4004, which was made publicly ava... Read More »